You have just landed on the airfield of the Jagdstaffel 5
"Green Tails" in 1917 - Willkommen

J5 Flight Line

All Jasta Flights begin Saturdays starting at 1830 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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7th Annual "Oktoberfest Contests"

hosted by Jasta 5


September 23, 2017

1800 heurs UTC/GMT

in the Jasta 5 Flugpark Server

(Visit our Teamspeak Server via the Radio Room)


Register to Attend!

Open to all RoF community pilots of any experience level.


Challenge your flying abilities in daring tests of skill with other community members:



Weather Navigation Race

The Great Obstacle Course

Altitude Races

Basic Maneuvers Contest

Freestyle Acrobatics Contest

More! (events subject to change)


An awards ceremony (all participants will receive participation ribbons) and formal dinner will be followed by feats of strength and other tests of manly prowess in the Great Hall of Boistrancourt!

  • Hammerschlagen

  • Stein Dash

  • Bier Barrel Carrying and Rolling Races (whenever replacements are required by Helga and Olga, who will also be hosting a kissing booth later in the evening upstairs)


Register to Attend!






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