You have just landed on the airfield of the Jagdstaffel 5
"Green Tails" in 1917 - Willkommen

J5 Flight Line

Jasta Flights normally begin Saturdays at 1700 GMT/UTC and Sundays at 1800 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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Monthly Jasta Roll Call

Pilot Check In/Update


First, please update your user/member profiles in both the Jasta 5 Forum and Jasta 5 Yahoo! Group so that your user name reflects your pilot name and the email address is the same for both accounts. 

Note:  You must be a member of the Jasta 5 Yahoo! Group in order to receive your monthly Roll Call reminder automatically!

Check and update your user name and email addresses now.  Simply log on using the links above and update your user profiles.

Active pilots fly with other Jasta 5 pilots at least once every two weeks.

Grounded pilots with mechanical problems should seek help on the Jasta 5 forum in the Mayday! section.

New Recruits who have enlisted within the past few weeks and have only begun their Induction.

Reserve pilots wish to remain in good standing should become active within the period listed.

AWOL pilots who don't respond to monthly Roll Call for several months or don't have any correspondence with turn into MIA pilots.  Eventually pilots are considered KIA.

Select your status for the coming month:



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