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"Green Tails" in 1917 - Willkommen

J5 Flight Line

Jasta Flights normally begin Saturdays at 1700 GMT/UTC and Sundays at 1800 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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Jasta 5 Pilot Code of Conduct


A.  Our strength is our unity.  Participation and dedication are the deciding factors of our success and survival.  While real life takes priority over gaming, participating in the activity you sign up for should also be on the list.  All Jasta 5 pilots commit to be on the flight line twice per month, either by participating in a Jasta Flight Training or flying in an organized event.  Time spent in open servers does not count towards this requirement.  



B.  Jasta 5 pilots assist those who are new to the Jasta and always treat other pilots with courtesy, decorum and respect.  No one wants to play a game when there is no fun in it.  You can make it fun by helping others as well as treating them the way you would want to be treated.


C.  Jasta 5 is not a military organization, but is based upon one.  All pilots are expected to create a diversity of opinion and viewpoints.  The process of open communication is valued and important to our groups success.  However, when the wheels leave the ground, a Jasta pilot is expected to accomplish their assigned missions to the best of their abilities, as well as follow instructions given to them by officers more senior.  Only in this way can the unit function effectively.  


D.  A Jasta 5 pilot may not fly for any other squad without prior consent of the Jasta 5 Command. This includes flying as a mercenary.  


E.  You agree to respect the confidentiality and proprietary nature of materials that you may be loaned (given access to) while a member of Jasta 5.  Such access and use by you is the property of Jasta 5 and is intended to assist you in being successful as a member of Jasta 5.  You agree not to disseminate such materials to any non-Jasta 5 members at any time regardless of whether your membership in Jasta 5 is active or is inactive.  This non-disclosure is binding regardless of whether your membership expired or was terminated by you or the Jasta.



F.  The Command of Jasta 5 has the right to transfer or relieve of duty any pilot in Jasta 5. 


Jasta 5 pilots fly according to the standards below in all servers, except where the rules of a tournament or server may amend them:




  1. NO VULCHING � I agree not to engage in any of the following forms of Vulching:

    1. Attacking another plane that is on the ground or otherwise not allowing an aircraft to get in the air before launching an attack.  Most consider the first turn or firing of guns after take-off to be the point of acceptable engagement.

    2. Attacking a plane that has been involved in a collision that is returning to base (RTB), unless it first attacks me.

    3. Attacking a plane that is severely damaged or which will eventually crash, unless I am the pilot responsible for most of that damage or it is attacking me.

    4. Attacking an enemy who is already engaged with two or more opponents.

    5. Attacking an enemy that is out of ammunition and returning to base (RTB), unless the pilot used much of his ammo up while attacking me.

    6. Intentionally stealing another pilots kill by firing the last few rounds into an already doomed plane.

    7. Continuously singling out and attacking new players for easy kills.

  2. NO DITCHING � I agree not to engage in �ditching� my plane or purposefully cause my plane to be damaged such that the effect and outcome is the same as having �ditched�.

  3. NO RAMMING � I agree not to purposefully engage in ramming nor place blame upon being involved in a collision.  It always takes two. See #1b.

  4. NO BAILING � I agree not to prematurely exit the server to avoid giving a kill credit to another player under any circumstances.  There are no parachutes.

  5. NO ACCUSING � I agree not to openly accuse, insinuate or state an opinion that a pilot is cheating without possessing evidence that would support such claims. 

  6. NO SWEARING � I agree not to engage in profane or abusive �open� chat. 

  7. NO HACKING � I agree not to alter, add or change software for the purpose of cheating or obtaining an unusual or unfair advantage over other players.

 Furthermore, I will make every effort to:

  1. Respectfully show a pilot who acts dishonorably the error of their way using instructive words of correction.

  2. Allow an opponent who is badly wounded to fly home and repair his plane when it is obvious to me that I am far superior in skill (See Guynemer vs. Udet).

  3. Express myself in a positive spirit of sportsmanship, with honor and honesty and try to enhance, encourage and improve the game and the community experience.

  4. Do not engage in flame wars on public forums. 

  5. Welcome and assist new players in the servers and personally seek to introduce others I meet to Jasta 5.

By clicking below you agree to abide by the code above. 

I agree to abide with the above Code of Conduct


Jasta 5 and this site is not-for profit and non-commercial. Please see "Our Mission" and "Our Code" webpages linked above to learn more about us.  Historical accuracy has been a goal, so if you see that something is missing, needs to be corrected or changed, please let me know.  Proper credit to sources are attempted whereever possible.  If you see something that may infringe on your rights, please just let me know.  I will be happy to correct it to your satisfaction. This website is dedicated to the enhancement and enjoyment of World War I flight simulations, not the promotion of any political or philosophical views.    Red Baron 3D is a registered trademark of Mad Otter Games.  Rise of Flight is a registered trademark of 777 Studios.  IL2 and Flying Circus are published by 1C-777 Limited.

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