You have just landed on the airfield of the Jagdstaffel 5
"Green Tails" in 1917 - Willkommen

J5 Flight Line

Jasta Flights normally begin Saturdays at 1700 GMT/UTC and Sundays at 1800 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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Register on the Jasta 5 forum and make a introductory post in the Join the Luftstreitkräfte Today! thread.

Please be sure to use a real and valid email address when you register on the forum. If you do not provide a real email address or one you check frequently, you only prevent yourself from receiving information necessary to become an active member of our group.  Use a fake, false, inactive, unused, bogus, or otherwise deceptive email address and you will simply not receive important step by step instructions intended to help new members of Jasta 5 begin their career with us.  

We have found that the ability to follow simple directions and pay attention to details are strong indicators of future success in our group.

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