You have just landed on airfield of the Jagdstaffel 5
"Green Tails" in 1917 - Willkommen

J5 Flight Line

Jasta Flights normally begin Saturdays at 1700 GMT/UTC and Sundays at 1800 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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Jasta 5 Mission Statement


NOTE:  The membership of Jasta 5 does not promote racism, historical revisionism or fringe political or philosophical views.    If you hold such views, please do not think that we share or support them.  We do not.  This website, the members it represents and the community of which they are a part, are dedicated to the enhancement, enjoyment and promotion of World War I flight sims.


Mission Statement:  The pilots of Jasta 5 are committed to developing the online combat flying skills of each member through training and practice in order to be successful in every engagement with their opponent. We value teamwork, expertise, loyalty, and humor.


Jasta 5 pilots fly various WWI Flight sims available.  Most fly Rise of Flight currently.

We fly together, creating new tales and fighting new battles in the air using planes lovingly referred to as crates, barrels and torch rags!  By flying together we add new dimensions to flying online and therefore our enjoyment.  We seek to assist others in becoming involved as active members of the online community of WWI era pilot enthusiasts.

Jasta 5 was a German squadron, called a Jagdstaffel or Jasta, during World War I.  We have re-created Jasta 5 in the 21st century on the world wide web in order to give our group an identity while playing online WWI flight sims.  As a re-creation of a German Jasta, when given the option, we fly for the Central Forces during tournament play. 

While we represent ourselves online as a unit of the German Air Service, we come from various nationalities and we do not represent, symbolize, promote or espouse any specific political or philosophical agendas or ideas.  This is a game and is for fun.  We invite you to join us!


Jasta 5 and this site is not-for profit and non-commercial. Please see "Our Mission" and "Our Code" webpages linked above to learn more about us.  Historical accuracy has been a goal, so if you see that something is missing, needs to be corrected or changed, please let me know.  Proper credit to sources are attempted whereever possible.  If you see something that may infringe on your rights, please just let me know.  I will be happy to correct it to your satisfaction. This website is dedicated to the enhancement and enjoyment of World War I flight simulations, not the promotion of any political or philosophical views.    Red Baron 3D is a registered trademark of Mad Otter Games.  Rise of Flight is a registered trademark of 777 Studios.  IL2 and Flying Circus are published by 1C-777 Limited.

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