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Albatros D.V flown by vonHippel ready for maintenance. 

 Courtesy Mark Miller

Otto, our masterful lead mechanic is out of the shop right now.  Jasta 5 now primarily flies Rise of Flight., which is the most advanced and realistic WWI combat flight sim on the market today.  Find out more about technical requirements for Rise of Flight and consider joining Jasta 5 in the skies!  Purchase Rise of Flight.

Feel free to contact us if you are having difficulty installing Red Baron 3D or Rise of Flight at  Our friendly mechanics and pilots are happy to contact you and see how they may assist you!


Red Baron 3D Download


Red Baron 3D (RB3D) and the patches below were previously available as a free download as abandon-ware and can still be easily be located on the world wide web.

Getting Started with  the original game - required patches:

What follows are instructions for those that have purchased or resurrected an original CD disk of the Sierra/Dynamix version of the game. 

These instructions have helped many new pilots get their wheels off the ground at Boistrancourt Aerodrome!  Realize that while there are many great graphic upgrades etc currently available that significantly improve the "eye candy" and enjoyment of the game, the goal here is to help you get a simple, solid, basic installation of the game running.  If we can help you get flying once, there will be plenty of time to learn how to properly upgrade and tweak the game later.

First you need to obtain a copy of the game.  Be sure to avoid copies published by Sold Out Software; they are nothing but trouble.  If you have a copy from this publisher, contact us and we'll help you locate a Sierra/Dynamix copy.  

Once you have purchased RB3D, follow the steps below for getting your game installed and configured properly.  Before beginning, it is recommended that you create a folder called C:/MyDocuments/RB3D/Patches.  

This is where you can download and 'store' the various patches and downloads you acquire for Red Baron.  Generally, in most cases, you will need to unzip the files from there into the appropriate C:\SIERRA\RedBaron3D folder as directed by the README.TXT files of each patch.  Some of the files self extract to the correct directory.  In this manner you will have a copy of each zip for future use during reinstalls of the game, which become necessary from time to time.  Of course, alternatively, you can come back here to download the needed zip files.  


Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!!!   (well, usually!)

Step #1 - Install Red Baron 3D

There are a few things you'll have to do after installing it in order to play online in the multiplayer arena, so be patient and proceed to the following steps before trying.

NOTE:  If you get a System 32 error during installation that states:

"C:\Windows\System32\autoexec.nt. The system is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'close' to terminate the application."

... you need to run a virus scan and reinstall the missing file on your operating system.  Try getting the above referenced file from your Win XP/Vista CD or another computer (friend or work) running on XP/Vista.  Sometimes you can have the computer search your hard drive for the largest autoexec.nt file. However you get a copy of the file, once you do have a copy, simply paste it in the C:/Windows/System32 folder.  It is not uncommon for the file to have been deleted by otherwise undetected malware exposed to your computer.


Step #2 - Upgrade the game to standards

(this will allow you to view current online servers and conduct the Windows XP/Vista compatibility upgrade, if needed).

Step #2a - Install the Red Baron First Aid Kit

Note: you can easily find this and any other files referred to on this page for download by searching the internet.  They are not available here to conserve bandwidth.

This upgrade included the 1078 patch and Windows XP/Vista compatibility fix as well as several other helpful tools.  Don't worry about the Glide or Voodoo card options; when prompted don't select them.  The goal is to get a good, solid, basic install of the game working for you at this point.


Here is the First Aid Kit README.PDF


  1. Download the First Aid Kit to your desktop

  2. Right click on the folder you just saved to your desktop and select "Extract All".

  3. You will see the opening page to the extraction wizard.  Click Next.

  4. Next the extraction wizard will ask you to select a destination.  The destination default is NOT likely the correct one.  Select the "Browse" button and navigate your way to C://Sierra/RedBaron3D.  Extract the files making sure that you "overwrite" existing files. 

  5. Click on the "RB3D first aid kit BETA 101.exe" file. 

  6. Click through the installer program.

  7. After installing the First Aid Kit, navigate via My Computer and open file C:\SIERRA\RedBaron3D\Sierra file.  Confirm that the following is what you see at the top, particularly the part highlighted.  Make sure it states version and Patch version  




NOTE:  If you don't see the Patch Version as it is likely because you did not unzip the First Aid Kit into the C:/Sierra/RedBaron3D folder.  It must be in that folder when you run the First Aid Kit.  In this event, you will need to completely uninstall and then reinstall the game.  DO NOT simply delete the game.  You MUST uninstall it using the uninstaller in the C:\Sierra\RedBaron3D folder.  After uninstalling the game, find and delete any shortcuts on your desktop as well as any Sierra folder residing on your C drive root directory.  After uninstalling the game and deleting any residual files, empty your trashcan and reboot the machine.  Reinstall the game again, the First Aid kit and the 1078 patch until this file reads as having the correct versions installed.  

Step #2b -

Step #2b - Upgrade your Mplayer.ini file found in the following folder: C:\SIERRA\RedBaron3D

1) Double click on the "My Computer" icon on your computer desktop.
2) Double click on C drive.
3) Double click on the SIERRA folder.
4) Double click the RedBaron3D folder.
5) Locate the Mplayer.ini file.
6) Open the mplayer.ini file by double clicking on it.
7) Visit the following webpage
8 ) Copy (highlight and press CNTRL+C) the paragraph on the webpage immediately under the section titled [MetaServers].
9) Paste (CNTRL+V) what you have copied into your mplayer.ini file. You will be overwriting the existing list of servers in the corresponding [MetaServers] section of the existing mplayer.ini file.
10) Press "Save As" (do NOT press "Save"). A window will pop up telling you the file already exists and asking if you want to overwrite the file.
11) Select "overwrite existing file".

The trick with the mplayer.ini file is to use the "Save As" function and not simply "Save" the file. You must overwrite the existing file and for some reason that does not always happen unless you use the "Save As" function. When you see the pop up window asking if you want to overwrite the existing file, click "Yes".

The meta servers you just copied into you mplayer.ini file area are always changing. Therefore, it is best if you visit the webpage linked above to get the latest update MetaServer list now. Just copy the Meta Server section (only) from the webpage linked below and paste into your mplayer.ini file just like you did above, replacing the [Meta Servers] section. Be sure to remember to "Save As" and not "Save".  If you ever have problems connecting or "seeing" the list of current servers, remember this step (and this webpage).  Simply go through these steps listed above to update your mplayer.ini file.  It will correct the situation for you 97% of the time.

Updated Meta Server Listings:

Step #3 - Contact!

Important:  Unless you have a RB3D CD in you machine, you will get a "Missing CD" error when trying to start the game as described below.  The workaround is to simply click the iron cross in the upper right hand corner six times!  It is OK to start the game without the CD in your CD bin.  As long as you've installed correctly, you can simply use this workaround without a problem.

At this point you should be able to fly the game in solo and online in massive multi-player (MMP)!  If not, you may have run into a problem somewhere along the line.  

Step #3a  (WIN98 users only.  WinXP/Vista users see step 3b)

Start the game .  

  1. Open 'My Computer' and navigate to the following directory:  C://Sierra/RedBaron3D(or RBII depending upon what version of the game you originally have installed).   Find the two files that have the red boxed iron cross icons.  One is named baronmmp.exe and the other is baron.exe.  The baron.exe is for solo play; the mmp.exe is for massive multiplayer.

  2. A diolog box will appear telling you that you are missing the CD.  See the workaround mentioned at the beginning of Step #3 above.


Step #3b (WinXP/Vista users only )

After making sure you have installed the First Aid Kit properly, start the game:


  1. Open 'My Computer' and navigate to the following directory:  C://Sierra/RedBaron(or RBII depending upon what version of the game you have installed)/RB3DXPfix.exe

  2. Double click the RB3DXPfix.exe file.  A diolog box will appear.

  3. Select Single play or MMP (Massive Multi Player - Online)

  4. Check the "Launch RB3D" option.

  5. Click 'Fix RB3D Sound' and the game will start in the selected mode with sound.


Step #4 - Final Details

The first time you have the game menu up, you should take the following immediate actions before trying to play the game.

  1. Select the "Preferences" button. On the right hand side under the Graphics heading, select "Windowed".

  2. Under Aircraft Textures select "Custom".

  3. Under Resolution select either "800x600" or "1024x768" as suits you.

  4. Leave everything else default.

These initial starting point settings will help you avoid other problems.

TIP:  STOP!  Before proceeding, this is a very good time to determine whether or not you have a solid initial installation of the game or not.  So stop here and try to start the game and fly in both solo and online modes. 


Step #5 - Backup Working Copy!



Section I - Creating the backup (your first multiple install)

  1. Click on "My Computer" and navigate to the Red Baron3D folder.  You will find it at C:/Sierra/RedBaron3D.  Right click with your mouse on the Red Baron3D folder.

  2. Select "Copy".

  3. Paste the copy of the RedBaron3D folder into C:/Sierra, right next to your new install.  It should automatically rename itself "Copy of RedBaron3D".  HINT:  This is how you make multiple installs of the game.  Congratulations!  You just did it!  Just a few things left to do.

  4. Rename "Copy of RedBaron3D" to "CleanRedBaron3D".  You will use this version to "copy" and "paste" other installs of the game so you can play various types of campaigns using various customized patches in the future.


That is it!  Now have some fun for awhile before proceeding.  Feel free to ask any Jasta 5 pilot you see in a game server for help!  Just fly and have some fun.  If you mess up your install now, you'll likely not have the knowledge to fix it or simply wont be able to devote the time and effort into fixing it and we won't have the pleasure of flying with you!

Contact us if you are having difficulty with these instructions or have any suggestions on how to make them better. 

STOP!  Users installing the game for the first time or not very familiar with computers should not proceed further. 


Patching / Multiple Install Tutorial 

When you want to play in certain campaigns, such as the realistic Flanders in Flames (FiF) or Cold War, it is necessary to add campaign specific patches.  Learning to create multiple installs of the game will assist you in patching the game for specific campaigns as well as reinstalling an operational and functional basic copy of the game quickly and easily.


Following is an easy step by step instruction on how to create your multiple installs of the game.  It is based upon the same process you completed when you made your backup copy of the upgraded game:


If you are just beginning, you may want to learn to do this a little bit later. 


Section II - Patching

Make another copy following the steps in Section 1 above.  You will now have your original upgraded install, a clean backup copy of it, and now a third 'working' copy of the game to patch.

  1. Download and install patches into the proper folder specified in the patch documentation/instructions whatever other patches or upgrades you are wanting or needing for the new install you just made. Visit the Paint Hangar to get the Jasta 5 paints etc.

  2. After you have downloaded and installed your paints and patches, rename C:/Sierra/RedBaron3D to C:/Sierra/XXXRedBaron3D, where "XXX" are letters representing the patches it contains.

  3. Create a shortcut of the MMP.exe file residing in C:/Sierra/XXXRedBaron3D (right click on the mmp.exe file and select "Create Shortcut".

  4. Save it to your desktop (name it XXXRedBaron3D). 

  5. Make sure it points to the .exe file in XXXRedBaron3D by right clicking on the shortcut and checking under properties for the correct path.

  6. To start the game just double click the icon. HINT:  Remember, if you don't have the game CD in your computer CD tray, just click the upper right iron cross 6 times and the game will start, assuming you did the full install of RB.



Contact us if you are having difficulty with these instructions or have any suggestions on how to make them better.



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