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Campaign History of the Green Tails 

Within the WWI flight sim community, Jasta 5 was certainly one of the earliest Jasta organized online.  It appeared and disappeared a few times.

On January 21st, 2004, eighty eight years to the day after first being formed, Paul Bäumer was directed by the Kaiser to begin preparations for the reactivation of Jagdstaffel 5.  Since that time, the redeployment of the Green Tails of Jasta 5 has successfully strengthened air support along the Western Front.

During the mid 2000's, Jasta 5 became known for its organization and the dedication and character of it's pilots as well as its quality training program for pilots new to flight sims.

In 2009 Jasta 5 began migrating from Red Baron 3D to Rise of Flight sim.

In 2011, Jasta 5 distinguished itself by conducting the first Rise of Flight campaign open to multiple units worldwide.  Read more about the first event of it's kind for the Rise of Flight community, the inaugural month long Bloody April campaign.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in present form, throughout 2014 and 2015, Jasta 5 dominated both the then popular Syndicate "full-real" settings Rise of Flight server and the intermediate level "Wargrounds" server, establishing itself one, if not the, most successful WWI flight sim groups of the time at the peak of the Rise of Flight community.

In 2016, modeling of Boistrancourt Chateau was completed using photos taken within the past few years of the actual Chateau that showed sides and detail not seen on commonly available pictures from WWI.  This was completed with the of Genius.  Bandy assisted the year before by modeling the observation tower. Boistrancourt is now modeled in Rise of Flight!

Jasta 5 also conducted the sixth Bloody April campaign and introduced the first "Black September" campaign six months later.  It was a great success and one of the most immersive and challenging campaigns the Rise of Flight community had experienced to date.

About this same time, one of Jasta 5 pilots, IceAge, surpassed 100 consecutive aerial kills in a single virtual life over two months of flying, earning him the oak leaves for his Blue Max.  A truly remarkable achievment.

Below is a summary of all the online campaigns in which Jasta 5 has participated.   



Attached Unit/Squad

  Black September II  
Bloody April VII - 2017 Central - Victorious
Flanders in Flames 27 - Spring 2017 Red Team - Tied
Flanders in Flames 26 - Winter 2017 Red Team -
  Oktoberfest 6  
  Black September I - 2016 Blue Team - Victorious
Flanders in Flames 24 - June 2016  
Bloody April VI - 2016 Entente -
Flanders in Flames 23b - Feb 2016  
Flanders in Flames 23a - January 2016  
  Oktoberfest 5  
Flanders in Flames 22b - October 2015 Blue Team - Victorious
Flanders in Flames 22a - Sept 2015 Red Team - Victorious
Flanders in Flames 21b - July 2015 Blue Team - Victorious
Bloody April V - 2015 Entente -
Flanders in Flames 21a - Feb 2015 Blue Team - Victorious
Flanders in Flames 20 - October 2014  
  Oktoberfest 4  
Flanders in Flames 19 - August 2014  
Flanders in Flames 18 - June 2014  
Bloody April IV - 2014 Central - Victorious
Oktoberfest 3  
BAIII Bloody April III - 2013  Entente Victorious
Oktoberfest 2  
BAII Bloody April II
Central - Tied
Flanders in Flames 15 - November 2011 Central
Oktoberfest 1  
Bloody April I 2011 Central -
Entente Victorious
War Forces VII - 2010 Allied - JGS4/AB1
Battle of Somme - 2009 Central
Flying Coffins II - 2009 RAF 209/various
Cold War V - 2009 Allied Team
Flying Coffins I N/A
Red Baron World League VIII -2008 JGS4
Cold War IV Central Team- RAF 209, J99
War Forces 2007 JGS 4
War Forces 2006 JGS 1, BH
Red Baron World League VI-2005 J99, J3
War Forces 2005 J99, J3, IPL
War Forces 2004 JG4, JG 13, Rebs




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