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All Jasta Flights begin Saturdays starting at 1400 GMT/UTC.  Meet in the Radio Room (see the tab on menu bar to left).




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Black September, 1918


2016 Schedule of Events:

Call to Arms/Campaign Notice – August 22*

First Phase of Registrations for Squadrons/Jastas/Independent Pilots Begins – August 22 (space is limited; register early)

Preliminary Rules Posted – February 28*

Second Phase of Enlistment for late pilots begins**
August 29 (space available only)

Rules Seminar - March 5 1900 GMT (

Patch Test/Practice Server Available - Available as of March 12*.

Final Pilot Assignments Completed and Posted – September 5 (estimated)

Final Rules Posted - March 16*

Hostilities Begin - September 10

Hostilities End – September 24

Awards and Stats – September 25 during Jasta 5 annual Oktoberfest Event

Community Debrief “Lessons Learned” - TBA

Organizer Debrief “Lessons Learned” - TBA


*approximate/planned date.

**pilots/units will be allowed to register after this date on a space available basis at the discretion of the organizers.


Pilot Registration


Be sure to also register on the Jasta 5 forum after registering below (you will be taken to the forum registration page automatically after submitting the form below).

REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you register on the forum with ONE of the following:

a) your unit designation in front of your name (e.g. J5_Bäumer), or

b) a BS (for Black September) in front of your user name!  example:  BA_Bäumer. 

Failure to do the above will likely result in your account registration being mistaken for SPAM and deleted.


If you participated in last years event, your forum account should still be active.  Simply confirm your login information by logging in to the forum when taken there automatically during the event registration process via the orange event registration button below.  If you cannot login you may need to retrieve your login information using the "I Forgot Password" function linked on the Login Page. 

If you are unable to access your forum account, email and provide your forum user name (as much as you can remember it correctly) in the email. 


Must register for the Jasta 5 Parser this year at BEFORE clicking the Orange Event Registration button below. 


Click to Register


Printer Friendly Copy of Rules (.pdf) - Posted on event forum (must be registered to view and download)registered to view and download)


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